We are a Czech innovative company. Within our experimental indoor farm, our aim is to pioneer and refine the optimal methods for cultivating medicinal herbs.

Advantages of vertical farming:

Light, temperature, water, carbon dioxide levels and nutrition control.
By eliminating external environmental factors such as disease, pest or predator attack, no pesticides are needed.
Efficient use
Vertical farming uses only 10% of the water used by traditional farming methods.
Efficient use
of space
100 m² of vertically arranged growing space corresponds to 10,000 m² of agricultural land.
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Research and Development

  • Development of new cultivation methods using hydroponic systems
  • Setting optimal environmental conditions – LED lights, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, nutrient composition
  • Examination of the influence of the controlled environment on the content of bioactive substances in the product
  • Laboratory verification of active ingredient content


We specialize in vertical farming for medicinal plants. We select hard-to-access, exotic plants, which are difficult to grow in our climatic conditions, with high content of beneficial compounds.

Saffron (Crocus sativus)

  • Is rich in bioactive compounds – crocin, picrocrocin, saffranal.
  • Saffron has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and may improve heart health, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve sleep, and protect eye health.
  • Is also used in gastronomy, in cosmetics, as a food coloring agents.
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  • Complete technology for vertical cultivation of medicinal plants in enclosed spaces.
  • Space-saving design enables high-capacity cultivation without compromising quality.
  • Vertical farm uses automation and sensors for monitoring and controlling key environmental factors. 
  • Tailoring cultivation methods to specific medicinal plants enhances scalability.


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About us

Monika Němečková

During my studies at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, I was most fascinated by the combination of technologies, environmental protection, and utilization of natural resources. This interest led me on a diverse career path, from working in a company recycling hazardous waste, providing consultancy on quality management systems, and managing a company manufacturing medical devices, to consulting for innovative research and development companies . It was through these experiences that I conceived the idea to establish COOLTIVATION, aiming to integrate all my passions and skills into one project, encompassing technology, research and development, environmental protection, medicinal properties, and plants.

Alena Koubová

As a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at CTU in Prague, I am passionate about innovation in agriculture, particularly the utilization of vertical farm technology. Following the completion of my studies, I immersed myself in apartment reconstruction projects, gaining valuable experience in technical planning and project execution. This role provided me with a strong foundation in managing complex initiatives and honed my organizational and communication abilities. My fascination with controlled cultivation of medicinal plants has inspired me to pursue opportunities in developing efficient and sustainable solutions for vertical farms. I am driven by a desire to contribute to meaningful projects that positively impact both society and the environment.



Na Maninach 1590/29, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech republic

IN: 197 67 498